Require network addresses

This field is optional.

You can restrict access for a quiz to particular subnets on the LAN or Internet by specifying a comma-separated list of partial or full IP address numbers.

This is especially useful for a proctored quiz, where you want to be sure that only people in a certain room are able to access the quiz.

For example: 192.168. ,,,

There are four types of numbers you can use (you can not use text based domain names like

  1. Full IP addresses, such as which will match a single computer (or proxy).
  2. Partial addresses, such as 192.168 which will match anything starting with those numbers.
  3. CIDR notation, such as which allows you to specify more detailed subnets.
  4. A range of IP addresses The range applies to the last part of the address, so this means all the IP addresses from to

Spaces are ignored.

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